I read the script of Uno enthusiastically in one go, and I realized that the story line is both highly convincing and compelling, and contains, in my opinion, all of the elements for a commercial success. It’s always a good sign when one can read a script that tells the story without needing much dialogue to tell the story, and even more importantly, when one can read through the lines that it has been written with the cinematography already in mind.

Not surprisingly, the script won the prestigious Solinas Prize in the Noir category a few years back, while the European Media Development Fund assigned to the project 91 points out of 100 for Development, the highest evaluation of any project of Italian origin, to my knowledge.

I look forward to helping Giotto make this into a spectacular 3d feature film - having seen the very high quality of his previous produced and directed documentary work and conscious of his theatrical directing skills and talent, I know that he has the all-important creative and technical skill sets to be able to make Uno into a powerful and highly original film; indeed, the script itself is written in a language that describes the story in very visual terms - shots that Giotto and his writing team have already obviously “seen” in their numerous meetings as they wrote down the story.

Luminous Range Films has applied for, and obtained the status of Film di Interesse Culturale” with MiBact (the Italian Ministry of Culture & Turism), so as to open up stimulating opportunities for fiscally resident Italian companies to invest in the Italian component of Production utilizing the Italian Tax Credit Opportunities now available for investors.

The enthusiasm for the Script is the base on which our chosen co-production partners have decided to come on board and help finance and shoot the story in 3d.

My objective is to find sufficient financing for the Film’s Production, slated for 2015