“Uno” is a graphic story of action and adventure that I believe will fascinate the viewing public, as it did to me and the authors while we wrote it.

There are several themes that inspired me to want to make this movie: first and foremost my love of dogs, and, once I had got to know about dog fighting, my strong conviction against these illegal, violent and horrific fights.

Depraved and unscrupulous individuals forcing dogs into viscious battles for betted money. Emotions running high as the dogs fight for their own lives. This is something that I could not but refuse to show photo-realistically in my treatment, as nothing on earth could make me want to show or even faintly encourage such brutality.


In my film “Uno” this is nothing other than the background to an emotional “survival” story centered around Furio and his seemingly inevitable destiny.

Furio struggles and suffers to improve his own and Irene’s lives, and dreams of escaping to a far away place. But the mistakes that he made in the past make it very difficult to allow him a second chance.

The sense of guilt for having so deeply disappointed his son, and for being absent when his son was killed in an accident are the main motivations of Furio’s actions: they are all about redemption.

In essence I want to reflect on the need to love and be loved. That which may seem a trivial thing at first, but which does indeed dominate the vast majority of the choices of humankind.