A stereo 3d Noir Thriller directed by GIOTTO BARBIERI and co-produced with ALEKS PRODUKCIJA - CROATIA & GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA - AUSTRALIA, and also a prestigious partnership with GRAZIA VOLPI’S KAOS PRODUCTIONS in ITALY (winner of the Berlinale in 2013 with the Taviani Brother’s “Cesare deve Morire” ). Uno’s script won the prestigious Solinas Prize and obtained Media development funding with a score of 91/100 points - one of the highest scores ever of an Italian originated project. Cast, development, location scouting and pre-production are in an advanced stage. The film stars Anthony La Paglia (“Without a Trace”, “Lantana”), and is slated for production in 2015 with 3 weeks of principal photography in Croatia and 4 weeks in the Puglia region of Italy, for a total budget of 2.5 million euro.

             An action thriller television series in 8 parts written by Riccardo Aprile, Marcello Olivieri and Giotto Barbieri.  Directed by GIOTTO BARBIERI. Production is planned for 2015-16. Locations in China, Italy, France, Turkey and Russia. The subject is currently under development, and a treatment of 8 episodes written.

                                                                                   Written and directed by Academy Award Winner GIUSEPPE TORNATORE.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Shanghai is a hotbed of new economic and cultural developments, the Oriental centre of entertainment and pulsating night life where Cinemas and Theatres, Clubs, Casinos and Racetracks lure a cosmopolitan public. In 1921, a murder shocks the city and fills the scandal newspapers; a rich Chinese bon-vivant, after losing at the gambling tables, kills a well-known courtesan, his ex-lover, and steals all her jewels. Ren Pengnian, a young, sharp-thinking entrepreneur, convinces the Commercial Press to invest in film cameras; he loves Cinema, and is astute enough to seize the opportunity of making a film of the story as it unfolds in the criminal investigation. The film becomes the first feature length film in Chinese history.

                                                                                                    ..               Karen Darke’s adventurous life story takes us from the brink of death when she fell while free-climbing in Scotland to hand-cycling the heights of the Himalayas...to the rusty knife of a Brazilian spirit surgeon. It is a story not just of climbing, courage and incredible adventures, but one of inner journeying and spirituality too. For the compelling giant screen format feature of Karen’s Incredible Story, rights holders iFrame, Luminous Range Films and co-production partner Onsight have put together a highly creative, qualified and motivated team for the exciting project. Building on their combined experience and capacity to produce and post produce award winning 3d, the film will be directed by Silvia Giulietti and made as a Giant Screen 3d feature film of 40 minutes and a four part mini-series for television in both 3d, 4k & HDR.