The company has a highly innovative and unique capability to work concurrently on the production and post production phases of films by taking post equipment and expertise directly to the production set (installed in purpose built mobile units in studios or directly on set), starting the post process from the first day of principal photography, thereby helping to contribute to reducing overall production time and costs.

The mobile units are as close as possible to cameras and the action on set, allowing director, cinematographer and selected heads of department to see what they are shooting - projected onto calibrated screens within the blacked-out purpose built viewing environments. 

Once shooting is finished, the camera originals and clones are moved to cinemas and/or production offices anywhere, where colour & stereo grading and on-line editing can be finalized in calibrated large screen theatres.

This set-up voids much of the need and expense of traditional laboratories and contributes to overall cost and time savings - offering a shorter time to market opportunity for the finished products, while showing the results on large screen calibrated projection.

Colour and stereo 3d grading on large screens are David Bush’s passion - a passion that derives from many years experience as an operator on cutting edge post production equipment, and which, ultimately, is also based on his extensive artistic, creative and technical background.

* Wolf Totem  – Native stereographer - Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud

* Uno – Executive Producer, stereographer and colourist - Directed by Giotto Barbieri

* Victims – Stereographer and colourist - Directed by Anne Riitta Ciccone

* Com'è bello far l'amore in 3d – Native stereographer - Directed by Fausto Brizzi

* Maléna – Visual Effects Supervisor - Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

* Besieged  – Visual Effects Supervisor - Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci

* Oliver Twist  – Visual Effects Supervisor - Directed by Roman Polanski

* Chaos – Digital Intermediate Supervisor - Directed by Tony Giglio

* Five Moons Plaza  – Visual Effects Supervisor - Directed by Renzo Martinelli

* The Legend Of 1900  – Visual Effects Supervisor  - Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

Some of David’s recent film credits:

David driving a Quantel Pablo in E-Motion, Genova