For the compelling giant screen format feature of Karen’s Incredible Story, rights holders iFrame, Luminous Range Films and co-production partner Onsight have put together a highly creative, qualified and motivated team for the exciting project. Building on their combined experience and capacity to produce and post produce award winning 3d, the film will be made as a Giant Screen feature film of 40 minutes and a three part mini-series for television in both 3d, 4k & HDR.  

Executive Producer David Bush had seen some of Silvia Giuliettiʼs work as director of photography when he was, a decade ago, founder and director of Cinecittà Digital in Rome, and he was highly impressed with her aesthetics and determination to take her career towards directing. He met up with her recently in Rome and London and they decided to develop Karen Darke’s incredible story both as a giant screen feature film and television mini-series.  David encouraged Silvia to direct the film, especially since, not only does she have the female sensibility to tell Karenʼs intimate story, but also, in Davidʼs opinion, the ability to make it into a compelling visual adventure both in 3d, 4k and HDR. Silvia understands the technological aspects in which David is a highly qualified  international player and what all of his various experiences can add to her story telling. David’s latest film as native stereographer was Jean-Jacques Annaudʼs epic “The Last Wolf”.

Both Silvia and David enlisted the help of Rupert Bush, Davidʼs brother, a highly experienced sports producer. With over 23 years under his belt, he has worked with the Premier League, UEFA, London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, FIFA World Cup, Formula 1, and NBA Basketball. Rupert worked as Executive Producer for SABC, running their entire editorial operation for the recent World Cup, and led a presentation team of 29 for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. Rupert has extensive experience shooting and making television programmes all over the world, and has been Executive Producer of the World Rally Championship, mounting large productions in multiple locations. 

Director Silvia Giulietti’s motivations:

Telling Karenʼs incredible story presents a highly particular challenge to a writer and director. Entering her world, capturing her passion, vision and courage will test their imagination and resourcefulness. Karen is unique.

Love, beauty and femininity, courage and compassion are all encompassed in Karen and how she lives her life and expresses her physicality. My intention is to reveal Karenʼs unique character, her powerful femininity and amazing life in this film. My relationship with Karen qualifies me for this role, she is a close friend and she has confidence in my ability. It is a privilege to know her intimately but even more so to make the film of her life. The use of ʻpoint of viewʼ shots made in native 3D and surround sound will enhance the viewerʼs emotional reactions and immerse them in Karenʼs passions, feelings and sensations as her adventures and life story unfold. 3d will be, as Wim Wenders aptly described the format, a magnifying glass for these emotions. The viewing public will live the thrilling adventures of a woman whose abilities, activity, vitality and achievements are a challenge to conventional notions of ʻdisabilityʼ. In sharing Karenʼs sensations and emotions they will experience it as an adventure for themselves.