Giotto Barbieri was born in Milan, Italy on June the 12th 1971. After being briefly employed by the publisher Sperling & Kupfer, he attended the Conservatory for Audio Visual Sciences in Lugano (Switzerland), specializing in film directing.

Following on from studies in film direction, Giotto consulted for 5 years as production manager with several of the most important advertising production companies in Milan at the time (BRW, Filmaster, Filmgo and Quicksilver Productions) honing his knowledge on the production aspects of the often complex shooting and post production requirements of the high end advertising business.

He moved from Milan to Genoa in 2001 and has alternated his activity since as stage director (in co-operation with the Teatro dell’Archivolto), and scriptwriter, having since written several film scripts.

In 2006 Giotto founded his own, independent production company – FilmCome14 (now Luminous Range Films), and with this company produced several documentaries.

Recently he's made a series of documentaries produced by FOX International Channel, and a “multiplatform” documentary “FromZero” about the recent earthquake survivors in l’Acquila, Italy.


“Return to l'Aquila”.

HD 55 min


Produced by Move Productions in collaboration with Al Jazeera International.

“FROMZERO” documentary series.

Moving on

HD 22 min


Produced by Move Productions in collaboration with Al Jazeera International.

“Ask the dust”.

HD 22 min


Produced by Move Productions in collaboration with Al Jazeera International.

“FROMZERO” multi-platform documentary.

Abruzzo People - rebuilding life after the emergency.

Multi-platform documentary

30 episodes

Selected by IDFA 2009

Special event in the 2009 Turin Film Festival.

“NOBODY IS PERFECT” (“nessuno è perfetto”) documentary series.

Chapter 2 – “NARCOLEPSY”.

HD 52 min colour may 2009

Produced by CULT Fox channel and Wilder srl


HD 52 min


Produced by CULT Fox Channel and Wilder srl.

“0,9 AMPERES” (Electroshock cure or torture?)

Hd 52 min


Produced by Filmcome 14 in collaboration with Doc film fund Piemonte.

Distribuited by 10 Francs.

Television distribution by History Channel.

Hugo television awards 2010 Chicago USA Silver Hugo for Best documentary.


Casablanca International Film Festival 2010 - Prix of Jury.

“RING! A boxing story” (Ring! Una storia di boxe)

DVCAM 52 min


Produced by Filmcome14.

Distributed by Vitagraph.

Television distribution by CULT Fox International channel.


MÂ DE MÂ (Mal di mare)

DVCAM 52 min


Produced by Fandango in collaboration with ARTÉ (France/Germany) and Merapì productions (France).

Television distribution by ARTÉ (France/Germany), RTVE (Spain) and RAI 3 (Italy).


“LA VITA NUOVA”  (A New Life) – written in collaboration with Riccardo Aprile.

“SENZA FIATO” (Breathless) written in collaboration with Riccardo Aprile and Marcello Olivieri.

Project developed inside the Workshop promoted by the European Community MFI-Project Media.

“UNO” written in collaboration with Riccardo Aprile and Marcello Olivieri. Premio Solinas 2005.

“THE PROMISE” – written in collaboration with Lisa Clifford – Inspired by her novel – The Promise.

“TRIP” – Written in collaboration with Riccardo Aprile and Marcello Olivieri.

“SHILLA” – The house of Gods – Written in collaboration with Riccardo Aprile and Marcello Olivieri.


EVA & ADAMO (Eve & Adam)

Produced by Magafilm

35mm 14 min


LA COLPA (The Guilt)

Produced by Magafilm

35mm, 15 min


CUORE RIVELATORE (The tell tale heart)

Produced by Magafilm 35 mm, 15'


Produced by Magafilm,

16mm 18 min 2000

LA NOTTE PRECEDENTE (The night before)

Produced by Magafilm

16 mm 15'B/W 1997


Festival Saracinema - Saracena, Italy.

Cinemadamare 2003 - Matera, Italy.

Corto Circuito - Naples, Italy.

Medi-Art Film Festival - Pantelleria, Italy.

Annecy - Cinema Italien - Annecy, France.

Brescello - progetto Cinema - Brescello, Italy.

Sessola Film Festival - Sessola, Italy - 1st. Prize.

La Cittadella del Corto - Rome, Italy.

Mentana corto Festival - Rome, Italy.

Corti da sogni - Rimini, Italy.

A corto di Cinema – Lucca, Italy.

4° corto fiction - Cianciano Terme, Italy - Best Soundtrack.

Sedicicorto – Forlì, Italy. 3rd. Prize.

22nd. Oporto international Film Festival, Oporto, Portugal.

Fantasporto 2002 – Oporto, Portugal.

Bradford Film Festival 2002 – Bradford, England.

Festival cortometraggi Antonio Ricci – Ravenna, Italy.

L’occhio del Ciclope – Messina, Italy.

Festival de Cine de Elche – Alicante, Spain.

Genova Film Festival – Genoa, Italy.

Cinecorto 2002 – Rome, Italy.

Reyjkavik Shortfilm Festival – Reyjkavik, Iceland.

Milano Film Festival  - Milan, Italy.

Montecatini Film Video 2002 – Montecatini, Italy.

Cinemae 2002 – Rome, Italy.

Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Frontiera – Noto, Italy.

Festival de Cinema de Girona – Girona, Spain.

16th. Leeds international Film Festival – Leeds, England.

Festival Storie di Cinema – Grosseto, Italy.

Festival international de Badalona – Barcellona, Spain.

5° festival del cortometraggio “premio Nanni Loy” – Rimini, Italy.

Iranian Young Cinema Society – Tehran, Iran.

Festival Internacional del Cortometraje de Santiago – Santiago, Chile.

Corto Miraggi – Rome, Italy.

Fano Film Festival – Fano, Italy.

GTO corto anch’io – Rome, Italy.

Prima Azziz – Palermo, Italy.

Six Days Sonic Madness – Benevento, Italy.

Golden Globe 2003 – Rome, Italy.

Film Festival - Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Cinefestivalbrianza – Concorezzo, Italy.

Message to Man 2004 – St. Petersburg, Russia.

Sedicorto 2004 – Forlì, Italy.

Bar Corto 2004 – Salerno, Italy.

Festival internazionale di Caramona 2004 – Siviglia, Spain.

Festival international du film d’Aubagne, Aubagne, France.

Noir Film Festival -  Courmayeur, Italy.