David Bush and Giotto Barbieri have spent many years accumulating knowledge with production and post production processes on set - consulting to small, medium and large documentary and feature film productions around the world in various executive, technical and operational capacities.

For those that have a passion for their work, as indeed we do, the end result is to ask one’s self continuously how the overall process can be made more efficient, and apply this knowledge to production and post production workflows.

This has led to the conviction and discovery that, with today’s more compact post production technology, it is now not only possible, but eminently more efficient and overall cost effective to make concurrent the production and post production processes, especially with 3d. The overall result is time and money savings for the film’s production, better creative opportunities and a much higher level of overall quality control.

This new way of producing is a resource that the Company intends to develop both for internal productions and as a consultancy and service for other producers.