I have known and worked with Giuseppe Tornatore for many years. I have discussed with him the fact that I feel ready to produce a film with him directing, having lived the experiences of many of his films in roles close to him both technically and artistically over many years. Like many others in the industry, I am convinced that he has an incredible capability for telling stories on the big screen, and often I have been privileged to see him at work at very close quarters.

Recently I have spent much time in China and Inner Mongolia (principally on Jean-Jacques Annaud’s incredible film “The Last Wolf” as native stereographer), and producers that I met in Beijing and Inner Mongolia during the film’s shooting mentioned to me that they were convinced that Chinese - based stories shot by extremely talented European directors could prove to be very interesting for the Chinese film industry.

So, with Giuseppe, we decided to research ideas so as to develop a Chinese based project.

To find compelling stories, Luminous Range Films set out to carry out extensive research work with Marta Pasqualini in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The results of this research for stories has led to many interesting subjects, which, we have evaluated extensively with Giuseppe, ultimately focussing on Electrical Shadowplay.

I can never forget the year that Giuseppe won his Academy Award for “Cinema Paradiso” as I was in Rome working on a commercial with him at the time, and he had to leave to go to Los Angeles for the award, but certainly his passion and ability to make stories out of other films not only obviously gelled in “Cinema Paradiso”, but also, in my opinion, has the elements to build on this particular story with a similar intensity. He has such an incredible capacity in story telling on the big screen, whatever the Genre may be - I know he can tell this story with an unsurpassed attention to detail and make it into a film that would not only interest the Chinese public, but also the world wide public too.